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Lorraine Pelley - Content coordinator "Neighbors of Island Lakes" magazine 

"Tara couldn't stop raving about the photo shoot. She really enjoyed having you over to take their pictures"

Lorraine Pelley - Content coordinator "Neighbors of Island Lakes" magazine 

Thank-you so much for publishing my story in "Neighbors Of Island Lakes" -( Also for featuring my furbabies :)

I have so many friends asking for copies, I might have to go dumpster-diving in the recycle bins! LOL

Again, Lorraine, thank-you for the great publication, also to Walter-the photographer. You people are what is keeping our community-a community!


Ron and I just want to thank you for allowing us to be part of the Neighbours of Island Lakes magazine. The article is lovely and we feel very blessed to have been part of it.


I realize I reached out to you but I truly want to thank you for the honour of being included and encouraged that our story was worth reading LOL


Let me say that my initial phone call with James was so lovely. He made me feel so comfortable which allowed me to share some of our story.


Lorraine,  well let me just say, she has become a friend in my heart and I look forward to seeing her again when our paths cross. She was so patient as I shared so many details and then as the story came together she continue to be such an encouragement.


And then there’s Tommy Jones,  well that evening was great as well. He is such a delight!  So down to earth and made both myself and Ron feel comfortable. I just loved meeting him as well. Tommy even sent us a sweet thank you note himself which was such a nice gesture.


This was such a beautiful experience and the magazine is a treasure for us to keep for years to come.